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1 Corinthians 12:31 NIV
Remembering Pastor Glenn Wright
Born ~ October 31, 1936
Born Again ~ May, 1979
Resurrected ~ June 15, 2017
With sadness and joy I want to inform all who knew Glenn Wright that he has left us to be with the Lord. After battling many physical difficulties that required much medical assistance over the past few years, Glenn peacefully crossed over to the Kingdom of the Glory of God while at home. His wife, Judy, told me he took that “Chariot Ride” while he was at rest. He is no longer fighting to survive and is now better off than ever before!!

Glenn did not need or want any accolades for the work God led him through over the last 30+ years.  But I will say this: As one who God used to reach out to those who are caught up in life dominating / destructive addictions, he touched the hearts of thousands with a a message of deliverance and victory through faith in Jesus.  He will be missed and remembered by countless numbers all over the world!  It has been my personal privilege and honor to call him my pastor, mentor, teacher, encourager
 and friend!! 

Till we meet again, ol' friend, I am forever grateful to God for your role in my life.  
Thank you, Glenn Wright!! 
                                               ~ Pastor Ed Day
Glenn Wright 
The Most Excellent Way Christian Fellowship
Founder | Director  ~ 1986 - 2017
Dear Friends & Fellow Disciples: 

Glenn quietly entered into the glory and joy of his Lord the morning of June 15, 2017. For the past five years he endured physical limitations and pain, yet he patiently anticipated the "sweet chariot swinging low and carrying him home."  

"To live is Christ" was Glenn's focus, his goal and heart's desire. Christ was the center point of his mind, heart and soul ... always seeking to live within God's will and to bring Him glory. As he "ran the race marked out for [him}," he laid aside the entangling sin and worldly distractions, "fixing [his] eyes on Jesus" (Hebrews 12:1-2).  
Glenn lived a long and full and fruitful life! He was passionate about his faith, his family, his work and his service to his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

Glenn was a man of integrity and honesty. Becoming a "new creation in Christ" and experiencing new life was profound for him ... for both of us.  We grew up together in the Lord at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa.  We lived victoriously, even during the difficult and disappointing times.

I believe he was the epitome of Jesus' Beatitudes.  He strived to please God ~ he trusted the Holy Spirit to continue the good work He began in him. 

Glenn refused to compromise the Word of God with worldly opinions and traditions and excuses.  He studied diligently so he could share God's truth and guidance to anyone willing to listen and learn.   

We were married for 45 years.  A very good life with a very good man!  How blessed I am!
                                 Mrs. Glenn A. Wright 
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