"The Most Excellent Way"
Pastor John Pendelton ~ 
"Reaching the Unreached(RTU) Ministries
Pastor John and his wife, Cindy, are devoted to sharing the Gospel in India and Nepal.  John partnered with TMEW, and has conducted many training conferences to encourage Christian leaders to reachout to the poor, unreached, people in remote villages where addiction to "home brew" is a way of life.  Read more ...  
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 Pastor Yaqub Sadiq
"Millennium Evangelical Ministries" (MEM)
MEM contacted TMEW in 2009 with the desire to reachout to addicted Pakistanis.  When we learned how this year's devastating flood has affected the Christians, 
we were convinced that the Lord brought Pastor Yaqup to us for more than an addiction solution. He needs our prayers and financial gifts to aid the Christians he serves.    
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Pastor Valeriy Trenogin
"Light of the Truth" Church ~ Perm, Russia
Pastor Valeriy has successfully reached addicted youth and their parents since 1999.  He has established several residential facilities.  
The success of his TMEW-based ministry is recognized by the Russian government as the best in the country.  TMEW  periodically provides financial support for the continued growth of the ministry in Russia.  Read more ...
Pastor John Townsend
"Matthew 25: 34-40 Ministries"
“The Most Excellent Way” was introduced into Ukraine through Vision Ukraine and the Ukrainian Family Institute (UFI) in 2000.  Through UFI church associations, more than 350 Christian rehabilitation centers have been established across Ukraine.  At least 500 churches now sponsor TMEW meetings.  Vision Ukraine started working with the Full Gospel Outreach  Ministries  (FGOR)   in   Ponnur,  India,  in  1999. 
In 2002, FGOR became a mission of “Matthew 25:34-40 Ministries.”  Under FGOR, all pastors are trained to use TMEW Ministry Manual. They use it as a leadership manual for all ministries. We bring the good news of Jesus to the people.  The power of Jesus delivers them from their diseases, their addictions, and their sins.   ~Pastor David Wilson (FGOR)  
"The Most Excellent Way" is Winning People to Christ  ... Internationally ... 
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My name, I will do it."
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