We encourage you to prayerfully consider beginning “The Most Excellent Way” ministry in your fellowship.  A ministry outreach to addicts and alcoholics is much needed in every church across America.  And it is relatively easy to accomplish.   When Pastor Mike MacIntosh (Horizon Christian Fellowship, San Diego, CA) asked my husband, Glenn Wright, to consider ministering to the chemical dependent, he began with a weekly prayer meeting to seek God’s will.  Prayer warriors within the church provided their support, and soon the prayer meetings became support meetings for addicted non-believers and believers.  GOD BRINGS THE PEOPLE HE DESIRES TO HEAL.  

We are blessed there are so many TMEW meetings around the country and world, but there are not enough.  Every pastor’s heart yearns to find the lost sheep — there are so many that God would heal if only there was a “sheepfold” in which to gather them.

When you decide to open your heart and doors to this type of ministry, you will be blessed.  Just discuss the possibility with your elders and leadership, and announce it from the pulpit.  God will do the rest.  Your church could be the door to new life and discipleship in His Word for many — one soul at a time.  Jesus said to His disciples:  

JESUS said:
“My food is to do the will of Him who sent Me and to finish His work. 
Do you not say, ‘Four months more and then the harvest’?  
I tell you, open your eyes and look at the fields!  
They are ripe for the harvest.”  ~ John 4:34-35 NIV

It’s really a very easy ministry.  A room, coffee, tables and chairs, and Bibles, are all you need.  The Lord has already prepared someone to lead the meetings, if it is not to be yourself.   That person would be under the authority of you and your church leadership.  “The Most Excellent Way” Ministry Leader’s Manual provides how-to guidelines for beginning and sustaining a discipleship ministry for addicted individuals.  It includes Bible study helps for the meeting leader and attendees.  Many TMEW meeting leaders have experienced the deadend of AA and NA — they have insight into all the world’s disease excuses, and the continued bondage of “recovery”.  

You are invited to review our website and resources.  Your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Please call me at 800-548-8854 if you have questions.  Also, for referral purposes, we’d appreciate knowing if your church already has such an outreach. 

We’re ready to serve you! 
Mrs. Judy Wright
TMEW Administrator 

Dear Pastor ...  An   Invitation for you to open  your church's  doors to "The Most Excellent Way" ministry for those in bondage to addictions ...
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Dear Pastor ...
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